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Law Practice Presentation Papers

The following are papers presented to support Irene's speaking engagements. If you want to learn more about me, my professional approach, and how coaching really works, read the actual papers by clicking the links.

Imagine You Could Get It All Done!
Practicing good time-management skills reduces stress, allows you to be more effective and productive in your practice, and helps you get it all done. Plan, use to-do lists, set priorities, estimate time to complete projects accurately. . .

Time Management for Attorneys
In order to improvement your time management skills, it helps to know at what level you are currently operating. Use the Time Management Assessment Wheel to determine your satisfaction with time management skills. This paper includes time management skills such as . . .

Marketing for Lawyers Who Hate Marketing
The objectives of this presentation are to:
  1. Help you change your beliefs around Marketing
  2. Have you learn some marketing ideas that you will feel comfortable doing
  3. Have you leave determined that even if you still hate marketing you will start doing three things on a consistent basis to build a more rewarding practice.

Life Balance for Lawyers
In the high-speed world of schedules, commitments, stress, and demands on time and energy, balance for lawyers seems elusive. Balance is comparing the needs and wants of your professional life and your personal and family life and making decisions as to how to juggle competing interests. Balance is not a static place, it is dynamic, as the balance point is always changing. The good news is that the balance you achieve in your law practice is up to you.

Show Me The Money: Keys To Getting Paid!
This paper includes keys that, when implemented, will result in you making more money in your law practice. If you want to improve your effective hourly rate, reduce wasted time, or just make more money it is essential to have a plan. Include these techniques in your plan.

How Coaching Can Motivate You in Your Practice
Motivation comes from within. No one can motivate another person. You motivate yourself. Others may inspire you to get motivated to achieve what you desire. Working with a lawyer coach is a way to achieve what you are working on easier, faster and with more energy and enthusiasm. Coaches are trained to help you learn what motivates you and help you stay focused on your professional goals.

Time Management for Lawyers
The following steps are necessary in order to successfully achieve your law practice time management goals:
  1. Do a self-assessment - what are your strengths and weaknesses in managing time?
  2. What will motivate you to implement new time management strategies?
  3. Come up with a time management plan designed to fit your style of operating.
  4. Model time management skills of others that you admire.
  5. Make your time management goals or structures clear, realistic and manageable with small steps to get you where you want to go.
  6. Give yourself time to practice the new behaviors.
  7. Don't let slip ups throw you off course - notice you've faltered and get back to your time management plan.
  8. Increase your level of self-confidence so you trust your judgment.
  9. Let go of perfectionism.

The Art of Effective Questioning
When clients are listened to they feel understood and are more trusting of you. Effective listening is a skill that requires nurturing and needs development. Since lawyers are smart, the temptation is to get by with listening at a minimal level. To connect with your client and have them experience you as an effective lawyer requires you to maintain superior listening skills along with asking effective questions.

Coaching Skills That Can Make A Difference in Your Practice
Use coaching skills in your law practice to:
  • Connect with your clients in a more meaningful way - by coaching them rather than advising them in certain situations.
  • Listen better and more fully understand your client's problem.
  • Have clients experience you as an understanding, competent lawyer.
  • Help your staff take responsibility for their actions and solve problems within the work place easier.
  • Develop more effective teams and team building.
  • Better equip you to help associates and partners with their problems.
  • Improve your negotiating skills.

Rainmaking: Building Great Relationships
Of significant importance to a lawyer's progress in the legal profession is their ability to develop business or be known as a rainmaker. A rainmaker is a lawyer who, through wide contacts in the community, generates a great deal of business for themselves and their law firm. They generate referrals and work from their contacts by the relationships they build with their contacts.

Self Promotion: How to Sell Yourself
People who thrive in business are the ones who naturally market themselves to the right people in the right way. Self-marketing does not have to be an onerous process if your marketing components are designed based on who you are. Here are some tips to help you make self-promotion natural, whether you're looking for a job or working your way up the corporate ladder.