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Coaching for Lawyers Client Exercises

This page of Coaching for Lawyers contains exercises that I use in working with my clients. There are so many exercises that I don't get to all of them with my clients. I created this page so my clients would have additional tools outside of our one-on-one coaching calls to use while working together to keep them identifying thoughts, feelings, ideas, and objectives to move closer to achieving their goals.

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New Client Documents
NameWord DocRegular PDFInteractive PDF
Client Intake Form Checkmark - Checkmark
Weekly Preparation Form Checkmark - Checkmark
Wheel of Life - Checkmark -

NameWord DocRegular PDFInteractive PDF
Career Wheel - Checkmark -
Law Practice Wheel Checkmark Checkmark -
Management Wheel - Checkmark -
Marketing Wheel Checkmark Checkmark -
Self Promotion Wheel - Checkmark -
Example of Wheel of Life - Checkmark -

Business Plan
NameWord DocRegular PDFInteractive PDF
Firm Practice Issues Checklist Checkmark - Checkmark
Individual within firm Business Plan Checkmark - Checkmark
Business Plan questions Checkmark - Checkmark
Business Plan General Categories - Checkmark -
Self promotion material and wheel - Checkmark -
One Page Business Plan Checkmark - -

NameWord DocRegular PDFInteractive PDF
How to get to know yourself Checkmark - Checkmark
A simple, free personality test based on Jung and Myers-Briggs typology
Mission Statement Exercise Checkmark - Checkmark
Perfect Working Day Exercise Checkmark - Checkmark
Values Clarification Exercise Checkmark - Checkmark
Managing Your Time Checkmark - Checkmark
Saying Yes, Saying No Checkmark - Checkmark
Actions to Form New Relationships Checkmark Checkmark -
Actions to Deepen Relationships Checkmark Checkmark -
Actions to Maintain Relationships Checkmark - Checkmark