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"I consulted with Irene late in my career, reluctantly, as I doubted she could teach an old dog any new practice tricks, but I needn't have worried as each session with Irene produced at least two to three gems I was able to use in my practice right away.

"She was also able to steer me in the right direction when seemingly intractable problems and cases cropped up. Yet, at the same time, she was also quick to point out the right actions, work arounds, and decisions I made on my own between sessions when she was not available.

"Plus, I was able to recently successfully retire, based on her assistance with my retirement plan. I certainly recommend Irene as a professional coach whether you are just starting out in practice, in the middle of your practice, or are in the last ten years or so of your career.

Lowell Dale Young
Seattle, Washington

"Irene painstakingly worked with me to maintain my practice through difficult times. Irene offers the accountability and advice necessary to develop your practice to its potential."

Daniel J. Mol
Barrister & Solicitor
Edmonton, Alberta

"For 34 years I had a successful law practice in Southeastern Washington, and have, relatively recently, retired. For a number of years preceding my retirement, I had the privilege of working with Irene Leonard. If you go on Irene’s website, you can read other testimonials about their experiences with Irene. I would echo many of the observations and sentiments expressed by other clients.

"For me, working with Irene was especially gratifying because she worked with me during some difficult years during which I contemplated and made some difficult decisions about the direction of my practice. The practice of law, as many of you know, is so much more than just being able to recall and apply esoteric principles. It is about dealing with people in difficult situations, balancing the practice with having a healthy family and personal life, and…making money.

"Irene was an invaluable resource to me during those times. She was a careful listener, always prepared for our regular telephone calls, extremely knowledgeable, and asked great questions that, always, got to the heart of the matter. And, in addition to her professionalism and her insightfulness, she is an incredibly compassionate person who cares about the well-being and success of her clients. Making the decision to utilize Irene’s services was one of the best decisions of my legal career.

Robert D. Merriman,
Kennewick, WA

"Irene listens carefully and uses her expertise to provide the tools you need to grow your business and make successful decisions. I highly recommend her!"

Gina Culbert
Culbert Law PLLC

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"I worked with Irene Leonard for 3 years, first while working at a small firm, and then transitioning to my solo practice. There have been many benefits to working with Irene to start and build my practice; I would like to point out three in particular. First, Irene has taught me a tremendous amount about networking and marketing my practice. In my book she is an “expert” in these areas; not only does she continually educate herself about current trends and strategies, she has a unique ability to apply such information to the specifics of my circumstances at the time and to communicate them to me in an understandable way that I could immediately apply to my practice. Secondly, Irene is a very good guide in goal setting and accountability, including creating strategic plans to achieve such goals, and measuring progress. Thirdly, Irene provided crucial guidance to me on the business side of my practice; she guided me in understanding the metrics that told me if my practice was reaching the financial and administrative goals that I set for myself, and what adjustments and changes I might want to make to attain future business and financial goals. Maybe most importantly, the result of my work with Irene is that I have grown in confidence from an attorney who never thought she wanted to have her own practice, to today where I have succeeded in opening my practice, I am enjoying it, and it is growing in the ways that I wish; this has been indispensable. Thank you, Irene!"

Valerie O. Ohlstrom
Ohlstrom Law Office

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"Irene, I am truly, truly, glad I won that coaching session gift that you contributed to the KCBA Solo 2010 Holiday Party. It has been a very wonderful year for my business this year thanks to your superb business coaching."

Katrina Zafiro
Seattle Immigration & Family Law Attorney

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"Hiring Irene Leonard as my business coach is without a doubt the best decision I have made since starting my practice. I have been working with Irene since 2010 and have come to rely on her weekly advice as an invaluable part of my practice. Her background as a former in-house counsel, her extensive experience with lawyers and the way they think and operate, and her ability to think outside the box all raise my level of thinking about issues every time we talk.

"Irene's approach to coaching is not just about the professional, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my practice. The best testament to her coaching may be that as issues come up that I want input on, her voice is inside my head telling me the questions to ask, how to approach the issue, and asking me what I want from the outcome. Her coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through the issue -- she listens exceptionally well, and encourages me to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss in the practice of law. Then she provides her perspective. I would liken her ability to cut through the noise and to hone in on the real issue to a great trial lawyer's ability to cull an enormous set of facts into an opening statement for a jury. She's that good. Irene is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real.

"I had no real understanding of how coaching worked when I started looking for a coach, but knew I needed someone to help me guide and focus my practice. I would recommend Irene to any lawyer I know who wants to increase their business in a manner that's consistent with what they want from life -- whether you are in your own practice, or a small or large firm."

Kelly Twigger
Lawyer and Owner of ESI Attorneys

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"I've worked with Irene for close to a year. Since working with her,I've learned how to communicate clearly with clients about money, be realistic about the work I can take on, and most important, learned how to say "no" to clients who won't be a good fit for me. Irene is excellent for helping me maintain constant awareness of the development of my practice. I have better work-life boundaries after working with her, and enjoy my work much more. She is terrific! I highly recommend her."

Amy Muth, Seattle Attorney

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"Although Irene has many clients, she always takes the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of what is happening in my life and practice. She not only gives me strategies for changing old habits, but constructively challenges my preconceptions so that I see the value and productiveness of new approaches to practice management, client relations and marketing. Irene is just as open to change as she expects me to be, and if certain strategies do not fit my circumstances or personal strengths, she works with me to develop ones that do fit. Irene stays in my corner, but never tells me only what I want to hear. She always makes the effort to accommodate my ever-changing schedule. I value her insight and personal attention."

Justin, Litigation Lawyer, Vancouver BC

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"I came to Irene with specific areas of my practice that I wanted to improve. She listened, came up with ideas and new ways of looking at the issues, and helped me to make rapid, measurable, positive changes. Thank you Irene!"

Matt Levin
Shareholder at Markowitz, Herbold, Glade & Mehlhaf

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"I was skeptical about professional coaching until I tried it and it worked! When I started coaching with Irene Leonard, my law practice depended on work referred by senior partners in my firm. I wanted to develop into a cornerstone partner of my law firm, while at the same time balancing my family life with a husband and two children under the age of seven. I exceeded my goals through Irene's coaching, growing my annual client “source” fees from $130,000 to almost $500,000.

"I could not have done this without Irene's help. She pushed me to take actions outside my comfort zone. Some examples include sending birthday cards to clients, calling up other lawyers and asking for referrals, and asking existing clients for more business. Irene coached me through my resistance to engage in business marketing activities. Working with Irene made me think "wider" and develop a more successful law practice.

"I can recommend Irene without hesitation."

Camille Taylor Ralston
Member, Montgomery Purdue Blankinship & Austin PLLC

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"Irene took a risk with me — I'm a writer, not a lawyer. I found that her coaching experience and techniques are just what I needed! Writing a book is hard work and can take a long time. So I had to find, inside myself, the motivation and persistence and determination to keep going, week after week, chapter after chapter. When I was down, distracted, convinced I could never finish this project, Irene helped me think through my values and plan my time. Her most lasting influence came when she introduced me to the idea of gremlins, those nasty voices inside your head that hold you back. She showed me how to tame my gremlins. For that, and all her other help, I am very grateful! Thanks to her, I finished my novel, and it was chosen by Random House for publication in January 2011. Happy ending!"

Dori Jones Yang, author of Daughter of Xanadu

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"Irene Leonard's coaching resulted in my challenging assumptions I had no idea I had — assumptions about what success was supposed to look like, and what I needed to do to achieve that success. Our coaching sessions resulted in my having a more authentic life, both at work and outside of work. Irene garnered an accurate understanding of my situation through intense listening and intuition, asked questions where I needed to be challenged, and provided valuable suggestions when I needed practical advice. I would recommend Irene's coaching for any lawyer or other professional seeking focus and clarity for their professional life."

Julie O'Brien
Seattle, Attorney

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"Irene is incredibly easy to work with. She approaches each client and their business individually. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Irene. She listens and then tailors recommendations for each client. Her knowledgeable, creative encouragement is a must for new and experienced business owners alike."

Catherine Needles-Sharpley
Estate Planning/Elder Law Attorney Seattle, WA

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"Irene's coaching is insightful, incisive, and extremely helpful. She quickly gets to the heart of the matter in a manner that is energizing and productive."

Amy Stephson
Employment Attorney and Workplace Coach

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"Your coaching has made a massive difference in the way I see my worth to clients. Thanks to you and our work together, I've hit professional and financial goals that once seemed out of reach. Imagine - paying off one's student loans in two years rather than in the nine left on my payment plan. A real achievement!"

Seattle attorney

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"Irene's expertise with simple yet powerful questions always brings clarity and focus to my thinking. It may be unusual for others, but I consistently have an "ah ha" moment in my calls with Irene. Just as important, she truly believes in my best self and helps me bring that forth even more. I am addicted to the effectiveness of this process. All lawyers should be so lucky as to have a coach as excellent as Irene."

Elizabeth Jolliffe, J.D.

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"What I liked most about Irene is her passion for her work and the obvious care she has for her clients. She listens and pays attention to who you are as an individual and caters her coaching to fit your specific needs. Her skills in coaching helped keep me on track and focused on my goals. She also helped me face realities that I sometimes wanted to ignore, and I was clearly better off for facing them straight on. Her consistent 'can do' attitude and encouragement were invaluable to my success. I wholeheartedly recommend Irene to anyone in transition, considering making a transition or just trying to grow or improve any situation, personally or professionally."

Siri Quigley
Seattle attorney in transition

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"Irene, I just want to thank you for all your help, guidance and encouragement that you give me week after week. Today I had a big federal court oral argument and for the first time ever I walked into a federal courthouse wearing a size 6 suit!! My admission to the federal court was just after my daughter was born and that suit was a size 14. Thank you for your role in helping me to achieve this goal. It has made a big difference to me in the big picture. I argued like I felt; and I felt great!!"

Marianne Jones
Jones Law Group
Bellevue, WA

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"Working with Irene has helped me bring out the best in my practice and focus on the work I love to do most. In the process, I've learned to serve my clients better, gained insight into my business, and improved my bottom line.”

John DeForest
DeForest Architects
Seattle, WA

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"I have greatly enjoyed, and also benefited from, my coaching relationship with Irene Leonard. Her creativity, resourcefulness and advocacy on my behalf has been a tremendous boost to my law practice. I am earning more money, taking more vacation, and enjoying my practice more than I ever have!"

Stacey Romberg
Attorney at Law
Seattle WA

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"I am a senior lawyer with a very busy general solicitor's practice in my own firm. I have retained Irene to coach me for law practice management and staffing issues on a couple of occasions over the last eight years. While the results in a couple of cases were dramatically different from what I originally expected, I was satisfied with the outcome. I might have come to the same conclusions on my own, but I am convinced that, without Irene's guidance, it would have taken me much longer and I would have paid out or lost a great deal more money in the interval. Irene provided tremendous assistance and encouragement to me, leaving me more confident in the outcomes."

Rosalyn Manthorpe
Senior Lawyer
Surrey, British Columbia

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"Irene Leonard is a coach for lawyers getting started in practice. My impression is that she coaches many lady lawyers, who are starting their practice, and a few guys like me. My point of view is that her fees pay for themselves many times over and in a very short period of time. I like her law practice tips, but her one on one coaching is much better. You may wish to call her, or send her an email, for some first class help."

George Conner
Attorney at Law
Tyler, Texas

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"As an associate attorney in my 30's living on a tight budget in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was not an easy decision for me reach into my own pocket and come up with the funds to hire Irene. Six months later, the investment has paid off big time – as I was just made a partner in my law firm.

Since Irene herself was a principal in a law firm, she is the ideal coach to help an associate evaluate whether he or she wants to become a partner in a law firm and then develop the plan to attain that goal. As a bonus, Irene has good insights into male/female relationships so I was able to work on "balancing my life" away from work too.

I will continue to keep Irene as a coach to help me meet the new challenges of partnership."

Todd A. Goluba
Partner, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, Pleasanton, CA

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"Working with Irene has been a catalyst for personal growth as well as for our business. Her insight, intelligence and positive attitude have helped us handle specific challenges like marketing, personnel, and ownership transition. At the same time, Irene has helped me clarify my personal strengths and values and challenged me to align what I do with what I love."

John DeForest
Architect, Seattle, WA

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"I knew I didn't want to continue doing commercial law at a large law firm, but it wasn't clear to me what I wanted to do instead. Irene helped me discern my next steps, and I've now opened my own law and mediation firm."

Lori K. Rath
Mediator and Attorney, Seattle, WA

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"I have continued to work with Ms. Leonard since opening my office on September 15, 2003, and consider her an integral part of my practice and my success. Our coaching sessions invariably give me a calming sense of perspective, allow me to generate new solutions and strategies, and encourage me to question any limiting beliefs. She has encouraged my own self-discovery and holds me accountable for my goals and clarifying what I wish to achieve. I have benefited tremendously from her experience and from her skill as a coach."

Sarah Weaver
Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA

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"Irene's talent as a coach has helped me discover my own strengths in practice development. As a lawyer, Irene already had a jump start in fully understanding my professional life. She is fluent in the language of "value proposition" and has helped me create a much more rewarding, focused law practice."

Richard C. Bruder
Senior partner in a midsized, Midwestern law firm

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"I began work with Irene when I first opened my law practice and I lacked all experience as a practicing attorney. Irene's encouragement and support, as well as her willingness to stick with me during my intense periods of resistance, have been instrumental in the success of my practice. I truly believe I couldn't have made it this far, feeling so successful, without Irene's incredible coaching abilities."

Kathy L Marshall
Attorney at Law

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"I really benefit from knowing that our convenient weekly phone call is scheduled as a "standing meeting," and that I'll come out of the discussion with very concrete goals for the coming week and can use Irene to keep myself accountable for making real progress each week. She doesn't miss a thing when it comes to continuity of direction and goals. She calls my bluff, pulls no punches, and is very frank and quick." 2002

Alex Jordan
University of Washington

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"The wonderful thing about working with Irene is that the value keeps accruing long after the work is done." 2004

Alex Jordan
University of Washington

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"Making the decision and then working with Irene has made a substantial and positive difference in my professional and personal life."

Robert A. Zielke
Counselor at Law Seattle, WA

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"I started consulting with Irene Leonard 3 years ago. My law practice had become somewhat stagnant and I was not really enjoying what I was doing. With Irene's assistance, I have been able to establish a more focused practice, which is now thriving. I look forward to coming to the office each day and am enjoying life more than ever."

David R. Meyer
Attorney at Law

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"Irene's coaching has re-tooled my thinking towards the practice of law to the point that I love, not loathe what I'm doing. I relish our weekly coaching sessions. They serve as an empathic, non-judgmental environment in which I can freely verbalize my fears, frustrations and accomplishments.

I initially asked Irene to help me market my new practice. With her guidance, marketing has simply become part of who I am and what I do in my practice, and our weekly sessions quickly moved to cover new ground. I have come to find Irene's coaching an indispensable part of my practice. I would highly recommend coaching as a practice tool, and Irene as a coach."

Simon Paul Brownlie
Business Attorney

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"You helped me examine many possibilities and to accomplish much during my year-long transition from one profession to another. Thank you for being there, for supporting me, and challenging me to do my best."

Barbara M. Walker
Executive Coach

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"Your encouragement and support have given me the confidence to move to the next place. Your intuitive and grace-filled approach have helped in ways I didn't imagine were possible."

John Battin
Principal Administrator

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"I found the coaching process with Irene ... helped me to explore, determine, and actualize many personal and professional commitments. I strongly recommend coaching - especially for people eager to evolve to a higher level of personal and professional satisfaction."

Christine Foster
Attorney. Foster Law Office

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"Working with Irene has inspired me to think bigger, do more and really accept my power, all of which has made my life richer and more fulfilling."

Juhree Zimmerman
Personal Coach

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