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Why Use a Business or Executive Coach?

Why does someone who is already doing great use a business coach?

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What goes on during a coaching session?

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You come up with good ideas to move you forward in your professional development. You and your law practice are the focus. Your business coach listens and asks good questions that help you strategize and make better decisions. Examination of your situation and brainstorming options takes place during a confidential forty minute to two hour telephone coaching session.

You have an opportunity to examine situations that are hampering your ability to move forward with the intent of ultimately moving forward. Acknowledgment of you and encouragement of your abilities occurs. Challenges to help you stretch beyond your self-imposed limits are made. Requests for homework are made of you. You will be supported in your decisions and held accountable for your actions to carry out your goals.

Business coaching enables busy, successful people to effectively develop and take charge of their practice and career.

What about location?

It doesn't matter where you live or work. Business coaching sessions are normally conducted over the telephone at pre-arranged times.

What happens as soon as you hire a coach?

How long does the coaching program last?

Give yourself a least six months to see the benefits of your actions and to lock in changes to your behaviors.

What else can business coaching do for you?

What is business coaching?